Fidelity Card

A Simple Fidelity Card System

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The CLIENT application

A simple client application for managing both the cards issued by our fidelity card system and the dematerialized cards issued by third-party loyalty systems (physical plastic cards).

Don't waste your time with so many cards in your pocket! Just install the Fidelity Card Client application and start gathering coupons and/or points from your favourite stores! Try it on Google Play or Appstore to become a member.


The ADMIN application

You simply register your shop, then just add clients and offer them points or coupons! A special feature is that you can send them push messages with your promotions or special events! Try it on Google Play or Appstore to become a member. Remember, the app is free!


A simple and useful fidelity system

Fidelity Card offers you all the advantages of a tangible loyalty program, without the costs and hussle of producing and using physical fidelity cards. In real life, only the costs of issuing plastic cards may go up to 23 cents per card and that is only 10% of the cost of the entire fidelity process (printing paper modules, data entry, quality assurance, etc.).

For questions or help please contact us at: , or send us your logo after registration to .


Push Messages

You can send messages to all your clients FOR FREE! Just type the message title, the message and click Send to All. All the clients will receive the same message. You can also send a message to one client at a time. You can only send messages only to clients that have confirmed that you added them to the network.